This site provides a portal to research activities being conducted in a variety of areas.  Here is the work currently available.


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Global Information Systems (GIS):

·        A Microsoft Excel application for automatically building historical geography GIS maps - Transactions in GIS, 17:1, 148-157. 

·        Using the k-means clustering algorithm to classify features for choropleth maps  -  accepted for publication by Cartographica

·        A Microsoft VBA application for generating GIS heat maps – Under review by Transactions in GIS

System Modeling and Simulation:

·        Using Agent Based Modeling to Simulate 17th Century Tatar Slave Raids   (work in process)

·        NetLogo Agent Based Modeling Tutorials (work in process)

·        Arena Simulation Tutorials

Knowledge Discovery and Analysis in Manufacturing:

·        Knowledge Discovery and Analysis in Manufacturing - Quality Engineering, 22: 3, 169 — 181, 2010

·        Automatically Diagnosing Sources of Alarm Storms in Industrial Control Systems 

·        Big Data on the Factory Floor Overview

·        Event Storms on the Factory Floor

·        Predicting Power Outage Event Storm Location 

·        Power Outage Storm Location Generator  (Excel application) 

·        Data Mining and Machine Learning Course 

·        Weka Data Mining and Machine Learning Tutorials 

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